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Photography Studio of Nicole Harrison


Follow the latest news of NIcole Harrison's work, lectures, blog post and other exclusive work that can only be found here.  

Nicole's Work is Part of the SEE Potential Bronzeville Community Garden Installation


Bronzeville Community Garden engages Bronzeville residents by providing a fun, safe, accessible gathering place and destination. BCG is committed to beautifying their community, celebrating Bronzeville's cultural heritage, and promoting healthy eating and a sustainable environment. 

The Garden is a teaching platform, with Garden produce utilized for cooking demonstrations and discussions of health and nutrition. In addition, the Garden is designed to encourage positive, informal neighborhood interaction through kid activities, free community feasts, and other family-friendly activities. To meet these objectives, the Garden includes over a dozen organic produce and flower beds, the Bronzeville Butterfly Sanctuary, informal seating, a performance patio, a chef’s pavilion, a communal dining table, and a variety of games.