Photographer: Nicole Harrison

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Audio Clip of Nicole Explaining Her Inspiration Behind Fear Into Fire

Right before interviewing Brandon Jones for the Fear Into Fire research and photographic project he asked me how did I come up with this idea. Here is my response:

Interview with Lorraine Coran from WMUK 102.1 FM

Nicole talks with WMUK 102.1 FM's Lorain Coran and explains her motivation behind the Fear Into Fire exhibit as it comes to Kalamazoo, Michigan Art Hop and Kalamazoo College.

"Think Through Ink"  an interview with The Columbia Chroncile - Vanessa Morton

Check out Nicole's interview with Vanessa Morton form "The Columbia Chronicle."   In this article titled "Thinking Through Ink..." she talks about the exhibit concept and the many themes present in the exhibit Fear Into Fire:  Reclaiming Black Male Identity Through the Art of Tattooing.

[Video] Fear Into Fire Exhibit opens at Columbia College Chicago

FEAR INTO FIRE explores the body as a space for archiving memories and telling stories through the art of tattooing. Inspired by young black males of the Hip Hop generation who extensively mark their bodies, this exhibition draws attention to the meanings and connections between the body and the tattoo.

Say It Loud:  Black Men Speak Without Word [Event]

Artist Talk & panel discussion with the Nicole (curator), photographers Shasta Bady and Jabari Zuberi and participants of the exhibition

"Photographers Explore Black Male Identity Through Tattoos"  A Review of the Fear Into Fire Exhibit

Chicago Journal reviews the Fear Into Fire exhibit currently on display at Columbia College Chicago Arcade Gallery.  The show closes March 3, 2011.

"Tattoos and Black Male Identity" - Nicole's Interview with Her Campus Columbia College Chicago

Check out another interview Nicole does to promote the Fear Into Fire.

Nicole's very first interview for "Fear Into Fire" with Chicagoist Tony Peregin

Columbia College alumnus Harrison chatted with Chicagoist about the exhibit and what it was like to curate her first show. 

Fear Into Fire: Reclaiming Black Male Identity Through the Art of Tattooing - Exhibition Opening

Fear Into Fire opens at Columbia College Chicago


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